19. Februar 2015

favorite cafés in berlin

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Du Bonheur Berlin
When in Berlin, one should have a break and a cup of tea, after a long stroll through the town. Or coffee, or a hot chocolate. Or whatever... Sometimes all you need is a good friend, a nice place, sweet treats, either a conversation that matters or just an unsubstantial chat. Especially when you're just a tourist it's not that easy to find beautiful places in a city you've never been before. Finding a good spot? Isn’t that easy ... for strangers and us too. Let me pick you up, to show you just a few of my favorite places, places that guided you through my city so welcome my new category to fill the TRAVEL part in THEVOGUEVOYAGE with "a bloggers guide to .." and starting with an inside guide through my city, through Berlin, Berlins hot spots, favorites and unknown places. Come, stay and stay – we'll starting with cafe’s – in ... again, my city and germans capial ... Berlin.

6. Februar 2015

sparkly cotton candy - rosé candy kiss

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rosecandykiss champagne cocktail
Inspired by the festive season I created new glamorous cocktails. Sure, I enjoy my cup of green tea in the morning, but every now and then I like a short drink in the evening. Don't we all? My “Rosé-Candy-Kiss” is an elegant bubbly rose and cotton-candy flavored drink, you will love. It's super easy, absolut tastefully, looks pretty ah-mazing, is 100% instagram-worthy and smells like a rose-garden. A drink which will sugarcoat your evening and everybodys mood. Which is also absolutely perfect for your next girls-night in. Or the upcoming weekend. So break out the champagne flutes and clink glasses.

28. Januar 2015

oh, it's chanel, darling

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I am hooked! The first thing I saw when we've opened the door – right the girl is back in Berlin - was a big black & white bag. Inside COLLECTION RÊVERIE PARISIENNE better kown as Chanel Spring Collection of 2015. It was a coup the foudre .. it was love at first sight!

23. Januar 2015

mercedes benz fashionweek- madness - berlin

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Wie ihr lest, blogge ich auf deutsch! In den kommenden Tagen werde ich meine wenigen älteren Beiträge durch Texte in meiner Muttersprache übersetzen. Zum einen, weil ich auf Deutsch mehr Emotionen transportieren kann. Zum anderen, weil mir die englische Sprache nicht fehlerfrei über meine – in Dior Star pink gehüllten – Fingerspitzen will. Ich hoffe der Google Übersetzer macht aus meinen Texten keinen Kabelsalat. Sonst werde ich mich einfach weiter und besser mit dem englischen auseinandersetzen müssen.

Nun aber zum eigentlichen. Der Modezirkus in Berlin. Er hat ein Ende. Naja fast. Es ist Freitag, und seit Dienstag herrscht in Berlin ein Schaulaufen hunderter Menschen. Presse, Fotografen, Models, Designer, A-B-C und Z Profis, Touristen, Touristen, Redakteure, Einkäufer, Aussteller und Geschäftsführer. Und Blogger.

14. Januar 2015

how to find your personal style

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Do you know this? Hard decisions, every morning, a cup of tee in your hands, an empty head an over-floating wardrobe and nothing to wear. It's a first world problem, a problem you can solve! The answer is both so simple and quite hard, a journey ... the answer is - your personal style

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