Sunday, June 28, 2015

monthly inspiration

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braclets Chanel | Victoria inthefrow

Mes amis I am already late. Honestly, I am too late today. I woke up, too late. Finally started to watch the new season of Game of Thrones, way toooo late. But it is Sunday and everything is allowed on sunny Sundaze. Right? Sleeping in is. And I can handle everything at a speed of lazyness on a Sunday. Or doin dolce far niente, if I want. Like today! Oh, and when I start to stroll through Pinterest I am totally lost. I really love it but I am really lost. I could stroll the whole day to Pinterest. Cause it's one of my favorite websites for inspirations and more. But as I said it is worst than YouToube. I just can't stop to pin stuff and looking for inspiations ... But, today I want to show you what inspired me the last month. Maybe you'll be inspired too.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

oh, it's a chanel darling!

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I think every wardrobe should be filled with basics. With basics one can never go wrong! My basics include many awesome fascinators, in black obviously, which always muddy the waters - but every now and then I can catch a smile, even in Berlin. And the typical basics: Black dresses, small pearls, beige pearls, big pearls, patricia pearls and my pink and absolute favorite, beloved Givency Lipstick in Fuchsia, uhlala I love it. And, thats the Look. That is so me!

And my wardrobe got a new and really, really lovely lover a few weeks ago. Honesty, I am still lost for words. But as I always say big dreams do can come true. One of mine came true.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

the perfect wardrobe: how to clean out in 5 simple steps

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the perfect wardrobe by thevoguevoyage missvoguevoyage berlin fashion and travel blog fashion fashionblogger patricia sophie petit wardrobeclearout wardrobe detox wardrobe clean out tips from berlin fashionblogger berlinblogger style fashion tips

Today I want to feed you with important and essentially.  No matter if you are run-of-the-mil johnny, a fashion addict, man or women. We all have this one problem. And I have this passionate love affair with clothes. It feels refreshing to bring home a brand new dress. And honestly, it lifts ones spirit instantly to bring home anything from fabulous hats to heavenly heels and living happily ever after. But I'm telling you: There is a thing I've noticed when I dressed up and spent fabulous days in the city with the gurlz and the guys the past weeks. A dilemma which mostly contains women - especially young women. Less frequently than guys nor dawgs. But, always the brimming wardrobe! Better known as the oh-so-called shop-a-holic syndrome. It's a sing when you claim “I have nothing suitable to wear” in front of your overflowing closet every single morning. Especially when your tiny, little apartment looks like a glamorous-ish brimming boutique, you stash tons of clothes in the kitchen and own 18 white shirts. Or, a pride of shoes, like me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the makeup menu: get the glow back

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Salut mes ames - I hope you had a great weekend. I am most productive at night and was lying in bed with all my spring-favorites, while writing these post for you. So let´s chat about beauty. Not about "being a classy beauty" - you´re all beauty-queens btw! - about being as beautiful from the inside as from the outside. As everybody knows, it's important to take care of yourself. And of your body, obviously. You are what you eat! That’s simply the truth. Honestly, I think if you eat a lot of crap you you'll be crap. If you eat tones of fat you will become a fat pad! And if you eat dozen of Macarons I am sure you'll be a Macaron someday. Fact is, beauty is only skin-deep. But Make-Up gives us attitude. Confidence. Cheekbones!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

the art of a classy living on a budget: how to shop

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the art of a classy life on a budget by thevoguevoyage

Good morning from sunny Berlin sweeties. I love silk as much as I love fairtrade cotton. My heart skip a beat when I am strolling through Galeries Lafayette. If a pair of nylons meant luxury in 1942 – a sky-heel Louboutin means luxury today. And I would rather spend my last money for raspberries and a huge flower bouquet of roses as for milk. But you already know that. Oh, and if you wonder how (I) can survive a six-month shopping ban – here is the answer: creativity is the key to live a classy life on a budget!

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