Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the make up menu: get the glow back

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Salut mes ames - I hope you had a great weekend. I am most productive at night and was lying in bed with all my spring-favorites, while writing these post for you. So let´s chat about beauty. Not about "being a classy beauty" - you´re all beauty-queens btw! - about being as beautiful from the inside as from the outside. As everybody knows, it's important to take care of yourself. And of your body, obviously. You are what you eat! That’s simply the truth. Honestly, I think if you eat a lot of crap you you'll be crap. If you eat tones of fat you will become a fat pad! And if you eat dozen of Macarons I am sure you'll be a Macaron someday. Fact is, beauty is only skin-deep. But Make-Up gives us attitude. Confidence. Cheekbones!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

the art of a classy living on a budget

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the art of a classy life on a budget by thevoguevoyage

Good morning from sunny Berlin sweeties. I love silk as much as I love fairtrade cotton. My heart skip a beat when I am strolling through Galeries Lafayette. If a pair of nylons meant luxury in 1942 – a sky-heel Louboutin means luxury today. And I would rather spend my last money for raspberries and a huge flower bouquet of with roses as for milk. But you already know that. Oh, and if you wonder how (I) can survive a six-month shopping ban – here is the answer: creativity is the key to live a classy life on a budget!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

high-end cravings

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lace-body: agent provocateur | high-heels: louboutin | bag: dior | foundation: dior | nail-polish: dior | sunglasses: dita | parfuem: serges lutens, chanel , tom ford | swimsuit: I.D

An ah-mazing sunday comes to an end. And I am so sad! I love Sundays. Especially the beautiful, sunny Sundays around sping. And I do love Sundays so much that I totally forgot the shapping-ban today. So, after a long bike ride trough Berlins east-side, which I really, really love, I am home now and have time for another typical Sunday ritual. It's Many-Sunday! And when you can't move your fingers it is time to do other fun stuff. Like writing To-Do Lists ...

Friday, May 1, 2015

6 months shopping ban

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April was an expensive business. Not only the whole trips this month: From a daycation to Düsseldorf and the lovely and long weekend off in Paris, my wonderful getaway to Hamburg in my hometown and the short trip to the city of lights again before heading back home to Berlin break the mold of my credit card. No, I turned to a obsessive shop-o-holic too! Honestly, I shop a little to much, a little too often. In a nutshell I am a bit out-of-control.

Monday, April 27, 2015

striped skirt black shirt

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The Parisienne Look - OOTD by THEVOGUEVOYAGE

The exhausting Saturday turned into an unbelievable evening (which turned into an ah-mazing weekend) at the French embassy. So, when it's time to dress up I play - Better safe than sorry. J'adore Dior. Black and white, lace and leather. I love skirts. And old fashioned movies. But what I love the most is style, especially the elegant style of a Parisienne. So chick, so simple – très Pariii. Oh, I just love Paris. Et voilà, here it is. To comply with the VOGUE part - The very first Look is up on THEVOGUEVOYAGE.

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