Monday, April 13, 2015

parisian pharmacie pickings

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Bonsoir mes amies. Ich habe die ersten Frühlingstage daheim, in der urbanen Hauptstadt sehr genossen, und so einiges aus der französischen mitgebracht. Chocolate Chaud Liebhaber und Beauty Raver aufgepasst! Ich bin total süchtig nach heißer Schokolade, ehrlich ich denke eine Tasse heiße, dampfende Schokolade ist die beste Therapie, in jeder Lebenslage. Von gebrochenen Herzen bis hin zu abgebrochenen Heels ist sie der perfekte Begleiter, um sich nach einer ausgiebigen Shopping Tour in einem süßen Café zu entspannen. Klar, es ist kein Geheimnis, dass Angelina der Himmel für Schoko Addicts ist. Oder, dass Angelina für Schokoladenliebhaber genau das ist, was die Pharmacie mit ihren leuchtend, grünen Schildern für uns Beauty Raver ist ... einfach himmlisch, non?

Friday, April 3, 2015

off to paris!

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Finally! I've bagged all the cute outfits, my Canon and my Phone too, leaved the mess (in my wardrobe) and an empty fridge behind, the new issue of ELLE Magazine? Check. Red Chanel lipstick? Double-Check. I am ready to go! And I couldn't be happier, the city of lights is calling. While we're at it, we're not off to Paris, we are finally here, when you're reading this. Maybe you've noticed my last post about my "beauté on the go" essentials or check out my Instagram account every now and then, well then you already know that we're enjoying the days in our beautiful apartment in Montmartre - and living like bees in a clover, in the french fashion capital.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

beauté on the go

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BEAUTY TRAVEL ESSENTIALS 8 things I cant travel without vanitybag beautycase
To rummage behind the holy doors, discover the wide range of beauty products, or check out new stuff is a thing I totally love when I am with my girls! Let's face it - a bathroom has something intimate and can tell you a lot about the woman who owns it. Don't you think so too? What I love the most is, when they had to minimize their beauty products. Simply because the bathroom betray a lot, but their vanity-bag speaks volumes.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


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personal style and travel diary thevoguevoyage
Salut, Bonjour, Hej, Moin Moin and Hello dear beautiful - To create your own style has something tremendously magical. So did I – the shy girl, usually enveloped from head to heel in black colored clothes who writes you from Berlin Mitte at this moment  – get inspired by the art of fashion. Wherever I go, when my heel isn't deadlocked in a grill or when I trip over my new Louboutins, run down a glass door (this has never happened before), spend my last pennies for a blooming bouquet and fresh berries instead of bread (to often) I See the world with my eyes wide open and full of inspiration, see the magical moments in life. Those moments should be created, captured and cherished for a lifetime.

Right here I will create, capture and share those moments with you • thevoguevoyage • is a colorful potpourri. My visual diary. Be a part of this adventure and see me as your virtual friend. With my overfloating suitcase I tell you on a weekly basis from Hamburg and Berlin, and all over the world about fashion, my travel adventures and beautiful places, beauty and styling-secrets I won't take to grave … things that inspire me or sugarcoat your mood. And sweeten up your day is my mission. Given tips too! Grab a cup of tea and stay tuned where the journey leads. Maybe we'll see us from the other side of the world, next time.

In a nutshell. Welcome to my fashionable journey to • thevoguevoyage • I write from all over the world: about fashion, my travel adventures and ma vie en rose. Under the slogan: GLAM UP TRAVEL ON & LETTING IN LA VIE EN ROSE.

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