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18. Juli 2014


Happy Monday Cutie-pies! Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I do. I think you have already noticed that I´m finally in Berlin right now - and may you also have noticed that I turned into a huuuge shopaholic the past days. The story behind my excessive shoppingtrips is quite simple. Long story short. My suitcase was stolen a few days ago so I have to bought some new clothes and new beauty stuff and old friends and ... I think the complete HAUL will be as soon as possible on YouTube. Jep - right. On YouTube. Here is just a little "appetizer" of my new and first pinkish clothes in my wardrobe - so stay tuned. If you're interested in more Berlin impressions go and check out my instagram account.

Thank you for reading, 
be happy & smile, 

7. Juli 2014



Hej everyone, much has happened the past weeks, but I hope you enjoyed them to the fullest. A friend of mine and I went through Hamburg city, a week ago – I really needed a time out with a good friend, a bowl of sunshine and cold drinks after a long time without my beloved ones. We could´t resist – so we gonna shop till we drop.

4. Juli 2014


Time passed by so fast and I´ve been thinking about this new chapter for a while now. (After starting and stopping. And starting ... over and over again. I'm finally ready!!) So I wanted to find a place to share my passions with other people, who are also interested in fashion and travel as I do. Finally I´m here. I´m so excited to launch this new baby with you. As you guys should now I´m really addicted to style, design and labels. But I also love lifestyle-experiences: travel, cultures, wellness and not to forget food! - I love good food as much as I love fashion.

Thing is that I wouldn´t run the xxx Fashion Blog. No! All I ever wanted was - to travel - the world in fab dresses! My name is Patricia Sophie Engels nicknamed Paetrischa ;) I personally think it is an eternal search - an adventure - to finding your voice, who you are and where you want to be. Therefore I would like to invite you to participate my journey - a journey into my world THEVOGUEVOYAGE. A place about my fashion and travel adventures around the world. Where the journey leadshow long it lasts and where it ends - we'll see. I hope you enjoy to follow me on my personal style experiment. Let me know!!!