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18. Juli 2014


Gesund zu Leben ist nicht nur eine Einstellungssache sondern vielmehr ein Lebenststil.
Vielen fällt es dennoch schwer sich gesund zu ernähren & gesund zu leben, wo doch überall die Versuchungen locken. Ich selber verfalle in manchen Phasen absolut dem "ungesunden Lebensstil" was sich auch an der ein oder anderen Stelle bemerkbar macht. Mehr oder weniger. Aber meistens überwiegt das mehr. Defintitiv!

14. Juli 2014


Happy Monday Cutie-pies! Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I do. I think you have already noticed that I´m finally in Berlin right now - and may you also have noticed that I turned into a huuuge shopaholic the past days. The story behind my excessive shoppingtrips is quite simple. Long story short. My suitcase was stolen a few days ago so I have to bought some new clothes and new beauty stuff and old friends and ... I think the complete HAUL will be as soon as possible on YouTube. Jep - right. On YouTube. Here is just a little "appetizer" of my new and first pinkish clothes in my wardrobe - so stay tuned. If you're interested in more Berlin impressions go and check out my instagram account.

Thank you for reading, 
be happy & smile, 

7. Juli 2014



Hej everyone, much has happened the past weeks, but I hope you enjoyed them to the fullest. A friend of mine and I went through Hamburg city, a week ago – I really needed a time out with a good friend, a bowl of sunshine and cold drinks after a long time without my beloved ones. We could´t resist – so we gonna shop till we drop.